Custom Mosaics

With each individual piece of stone hand-cut and installed, to have a custom mosaic designed and installed in your home is to have a one of a kind creation commissioned solely and uniquely for you.

Mosaic is a classic and timeless art form used to enrich the lives of people through transforming spaces one tesserae at a time.  We specialize in taking an idea and giving it life in the form of custom mosaics. Each piece is sculpted to meet our clients’ specific needs.  The design, material, and fabrication are determined by the client, and with our guidance, we together create the perfect solutions in the desired space.  We are together with you in this process every step of the way from conception to installation.

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We will come to your location, conceptualize your visions, discuss the installation process, and follow up with an itemized quote at no risk to you, all free of charge.